First acoustic live to be streamed online

The band announced that in July, they will perform an acoustic live concert with audience at KAWAGUCHIKO STELLAR THEATER which will also be streamed worldwide. They will be challenging themselves with the first ever attempt at an acoustic live, a premium experience for fans to discover a new side of ONE OK ROCK.


【Live Stream】

ONE OK ROCK 2021 “Day to Night Acoustic Sessions” at STELLAR THEATER
2021/July/31st(Sat) at 19:00 JST
※It will stream a pre-recorded video filmed during the live concert with audience at KAWAGUCHIKO STELLAR THEATRE in Yamanashi
※The specialized website for the live stream and other details will be announced later


【Japan Concert Details】
2021/July/22nd(Thu)KAWAGUCHIKO STELLAR THEATER in Yamanashi
2021/July/23rd(Fri)KAWAGUCHIKO STELLAR THEATER in Yamanashi
2021/July/24th(Sat)KAWAGUCHIKO STELLAR THEATER in Yamanashi
2021/July/25th(Sun)KAWAGUCHIKO STELLAR THEATER in Yamanashi