Releases new piano version of hit single “Renegades” & surprises fans with a special video

Released today, this new “Renegades (Piano)” version will be solely composed of Taka’s vocals
and a piano accompaniment. The dramatic yet delicate melody of the piano intertwined with
Taka’s vocals is no doubt a match made in heaven. The stripped-down arrangement of only
vocal and piano strengthens the delivery of the song’s message and gives us a vivid experience
that stirs up our deepest emotions.
Along with the release, a special video capturing the recording session with pianist Gakushi,
who plays the piano accompaniment has also been released on ONE OK ROCK’s official YouTube
channel. The intimate live performance video of just the two individuals at work is a must see
for fans.

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New version Renegades (Piano)
August 20th Available




Recording session: